Monday, April 18, 2011

Hayley Williams of Paramore Fucks up on Twitter

Who wants to see Hayley Williams Topless? Well, thanks to her little fuck up on Twitter, we all get to!  Sounds like she mistakenly posted this gem of her titties hanging out, whilst likely trying to send them to her little man-pal. What makes this better is that it was up for a mere 3 minutes or so.
Either she screwed up big or it was a very well executed tit flash to bring some publicity to her band Paramore.  Wonder how many of her bandmates are jerkin off right now after seeing this, they’ve probably been thinking about those little cans for years now.
This may be the only Hayley Williams Nude or Topless pics we ever get to see, as I’m sure she’s signed up for the how not to twittter your titties class today – so enjoy it my friends!

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